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Pliler International Idealease is a division of Pliler International. We are a full service transportation company providing solutions for all your transportation needs.

Pliler International Idealease offers you choices that make sense! As a member of the Idealease Network we can provide you with the lease that best suits your needs.

The Idealease Network, with more than 400 locations, backs each leasing or rental contract throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Since 1982, Idealease has helped businesses manage their transportation needs from commercial rental to full-service leasing, from equipment specifications to cost efficient purchasing programs, from safety and compliance training and management programs to logistics management. We offer a variety of services including:

  • Full service leasing
  • Commercial Rental
  • Contract Maintenance

Idealease Full Service Lease

 idelease truck editIncludes any or all of these services:

  • A new truck to exactly meet your needs
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • IDEALNET - 24 hour emergency break down service
  • IDEALFUEL - A cost-competitive fuel program
  • Tires and tire replacement
  • Priority service at designated service facilities
  • Driver safety program
  • Licensing
  • Fuel tax report
  • Fuel permits at cost
  • Personal property tax at cost
  • Rental vehicles at reduced rates
  • Vehicle washing
  • Transportation safety program
  • Painting and lettering

Extra Units

  • For peak demand periods
  • For emergency deliveries
  • To meet your needs - Daily, Weekly, or Longer

Replacement Units

  • When your regular unit is down for repairs
  • Locally or Nationally
  • Similarly Equipped Vehicles
  • Keeps your product on the move
Contract Maintenance

Contract maintenance: It makes good "cents" to let someone else turn the wrench! For those companies that operate trucks as part of their business to move raw materials or deliver finished goods to customers, outsourcing maintenance, often called contract maintenance, is a popular alternative. There are several great reasons why this is the case.

Flexibility and Convenience

Contract maintenance allows you to choose the services you want: P/M'S, scheduled repairs, oil/filter changes, replacement vehicles, emergency breakdown assistance, etc.

Access to Technology

Truck dealerships (especially those affiliated with the Idealease Network) are fully equipped with all of the necessary diagnostic tools and trained technicians to work on today's electronic truck systems. That is why they do best!

Scheduled Maintenance and Replacement Vehicles

You can control when your trucks are serviced, and when breakdowns occur you have access to replacement vehicles. These are Two great advantages in assuring uptime for your business.

Fix your expenses

You pay a fixed fee plus mileage over the useful life of the vehicle. This helps you even out your cash flow, and budget your maintenance expense monthly.

Why Companies Lease from Pliler Idealease

Full Service Maintenance: If you think truck maintenance is a hassle then get rid of everything. With IdealMaintenance, our goal is to keep your trucks where they belong....on the road. Throughout the trucks lease term, from pre-delivery inspection to turn-in, regular inspections and service are scheduled during the vehicles off-hours whenever possible. There's no need to take your trucks out of service during your peak operating hours unless it's an emergency.

Our goal is to replace parts before failure, through a detailed 250 point inspection. That is because we ARE the local warehouse for truck parts. We keep an inventory of 100 million dollars in parts. That means increased utilization for your company. When a problem is fixed, it is repaired, on the spot. Sure, there will be times when we can't get your trucks fixed overnight, but that is why we keep a fleet of substitute vehicles. Our job is to keep you rolling, no matter what it takes.

Whether your trucks run local or long distance, if something needs repair, you need to make only one call to your Idealease representative. On the road late at night? You're covered 24 hours a day through our Idealnet emergency service. Idealease has more service bays in north America than any other leasing company. With one phone call, your company and driver will never have to worry about finding service, arranging credit, or waiting.

Idealnet — Toll Free: (800) 435-3273

Through Idealease's maintenance program we will keep your vehicles running smoothly. Emergency breakdowns are inevitable, but with Idealnet those breakdowns are taken care of promptly with one quick toll free phone call from your driver. Our centralized network responds 365 days per year, 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. Because you are an Idealease customer, our service stations will give your truck top priority. We promise to get your trucks back on the road fast. In fact, our average downtime is less than two hours.

Extra Advantages

Image: The initial color, panting and lettering of your company name and identification will be expertly designed for your truck according to your specifications.

Fuel: Idealease locations can provide fuel at competitive prices without retail markup. The Idealease fuel credit card is honored throughout North America at major truck stops as well as at all Idealease locations.

Tax: Our people take care of your licensing and permit applications, fuel tax reporting and payments, tax refunds claims, and audits.

10 Point Maintenance Check

Every time one of your vehicles stops at an Idealease location, it receives a routine maintenance inspection. This minimizes nuisance problems on the road: worn wiper blades, soft tire, burned out bulbs, and more. Tire maintenance and tire replacements are constantly monitored to keep your vehicle on the the road. That's time and money saved.

Vehicle Washing

Your lease and rental units are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a neat image.

Preventative Maintenance

This comprehensive service includes labor, parts, lubrication and oil changes. Plus, our service managers check all work and keep maintenance records current for each truck.

At Pliler International Idealease the attention to detail makes us different. We are committed to quality service and dependability.